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take training out of the sim

the award-winning interactive training app for pilots.

Use Before Flight is the essential training app for the professional pilot, helping you prepare quicker and better for your sim check with interactive, immersive training, anywhere and at any time.


Boost pilot competencies

Pilots prepare quicker and better for their sim with our fully interactive training app.

Train anywhere, anytime

Can be used on any device in any location. No internet? No problem!

Perfect for every milestone of a pilot's career

Subscribe to our award-winning app and maximise your chance of success at every key milestone of your career, at at all times inbetween!

take ownership of your training

The only app of its kind, UBF opens up an immersive training world from the comfort of your own home... or flight deck!

Access hundreds of interactive simulations and cross-referenced original videos, blogs & case studies. Combined with a simple & intuitive menu and powerful search you can learn faster and more effectively in the way that suits you best.

hundreds of practice scenarios

Practice hundreds of normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios with our unique fully simulated flightdeck, glass-cockpit screens and 3D outside world. Practice take-offs in Low visibility, Engine Failures in the cruise or flap faults on the approach.

Be ready for Evidence based training and improve all your pilot competencies; brush up on your Application of Procedures (PRO), enhance your Application of Knowledge (KNO) or work on your Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSD).

perfect for initial, recurrent or command training

Whether your new on the aircraft, coming up for a recurrent sim session or about to embark on your command training, our training app is proven to help you prepare quicker & better, gain enhanced results and excel in your career.

online and offline access

Prepare at home, in your hotel, at the sim centre or in the flightdeck, with or without internet connectivity. All drills automatically download to keep and practice when you're offline. When back online you'll get auto-updates too.

Don’t have an iPad or forgotten it? No problem! - you can seamlessly access the same app via the web (with no plugins required).

over 250+ drills to help you train smarter.

what our users say about us.

I thought the Training App was a really helpful tool during my type-rating training, easy to use and an excellent interactive way of going through both the simple and complex failures. Will be using to keep myself current and would certainly recommend!

After 15 years of experience on the Airbus family and as a direct entry captain to a new company, Use Before Flight helped me a lot to consolidate my knowledge, review ECAM drills and quickly adapt to new company procedures. It's interactivity and user-friendly interface are great tools to prepare for simulator checks, illustrate failures and prepare metal models in advance. I would recomend it to any pilot, regardless of whether experienced or not. Thank you for a great app!

The Training App continues to be the most important and comprehensive airline flight trainer on the market today. I am definitely indebted to the service provided by your company which has helped my airline career immensely

A must have for your type rating. Very in-depth and interactive drills, it really pays off and makes a difference! Congrats to these awesome developers!

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frequently asked questions.


I don’t remember my password, can’t log in. How can I recover my account?


Access this link to follow our password recovery process.


How much does the subscription cost?


The cost of the subscription is £50 per year. You will be able to access the web App and download the App from the Apple Store for iPad for no extra cost. You can use the App on an iPad to run all drills offline too.


Where can I buy the subscription to the App?


You may sign up here Use Before Flight ( and purchase the annual subscription.


Where can I download the App?


You may download it from the App Store.


Is it possible to have the App instructions guide?


Yes, you may download it here.


When using the App I hear no sound, why is that?


With some of the latest iPads it does not only suffice to have the volume up, one must also ensure it’s neither in ‘do not disturb’ (the half-moon symbol) nor in ‘silent’ (the bell symbol) mode.


Can I use an Android tablet to use the App?


We are not operating on Android devices, only iPad.


With what Aircraft types will I be able to work with the App?


The App is available for the following aircraft types: A320 and A330.

still have questions?

If you are looking for any additional information or have any remaining questions, we'd love to hear from you!