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Pilot TrainingPilot Assessment

Training App

Take training out of the sim.

Prepare quicker and better for the simulator with our interactive training application. Whether at home using a laptop, or on a flight using an iPad, you can immerse yourself in hundreds of accurate real-time fully simulated drills for the A320 and A330 to practice your skills ready for your sim session. From type ratings to command courses, you'll improve your chances of success by being fully prepared for what will be thrown at you.



Your training team, empowered.

No matter if your airline/ATO is conducting traditional, ATQP, EBT or AQP training programmes, you can enhance your instructor motivation and standardisation with our next generation grading and qualification app. Training managers can get instant insights to their data to make actionable changes at airline, group and individual level. And a built in virtual assistant takes away over 50% of the workload seen in the other old-school software packages.

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I thought the Training App was a really helpful tool during my type-rating training, easy to use and an excellent interactive way of going through both the simple and complex failures. Will be using to keep myself current and would certainly recommend!

After 15 years of experience on the Airbus family and as a direct entry captain to a new company, Use Before Flight helped me a lot to consolidate my knowledge, review ECAM drills and quickly adapt to new company procedures. It's interactivity and user-friendly interface are great tools to prepare for simulator checks, illustrate failures and prepare metal models in advance. I would recomend it to any pilot, regardless of whether experienced or not. Thank you for a great app!

The Training App continues to be the most important and comprehensive airline flight trainer on the market today. I am definitely indebted to the service provided by your company which has helped my airline career immensely

A must have for your type rating. Very in-depth and interactive drills, it really pays off and makes a difference! Congrats to these awesome developers!