built on a solid foundation of industry experience.

Use Before Flight is the global leader in agile software solutions to power next-generation flight crew training programmes. We have a unique in-house blend of a high-performance developer team combined with top-level aviation experts and thought-leaders. We are dedicated to do our bit for future aviation training in order to enhance industry efficiency & safety.

We love nothing more than collaborating with like-minded airlines and ATOs looking to responsibly embrace regulatory change and best practices.

Empowered People

We strive to give all our team members a voice to make a difference within their vocation, with our company's future direction and within their own communities.

Agile frameworks

Continual agile improvement lies at the core of everything we do. We never stop learning, adjusting and seeking new ways to improve our services, technology and expertise.

We Listen to Learn

Our team embraces our customer’s challenges and enjoy the process of making something better for the greater good of aviation.