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your training team, empowered

powerful, yet simple airline training management with QUANTUM.

Already managing the training, qualifications and performance of over 50,000 professional pilots across the world & across all types of training (Traditional, ATQP, AQP, Mixed-EBT, Baseline EBT, CBTA)

In partnership with the NLR.


Prepare your operation for next-gen training

Turbo-charge your EBT, ATQP, AQP or traditional training programmes and be ready for what the future holds

Unlock valuable data streams

Get actionable insights from high quality programme, instructor and crew training data. Performance-based training is here, and it's here to stay

Let our virtual assistant take the strain

Allow our automations to reduce your training managers' workload by up to 65% in running next-gen evidence and competency-based tailored training programmes

maximise instructor buy-in.

By making it super easy to observe and record their findings, rapidly classifying their notes into powerful objective data and providing a platform for next-level facilitation and standardized grading, Quantum’s innovative and intuitive, instructor-centric design promotes strong instructor buy-in, promotion of their core instructor competency set & robust standardization.

minimise manager workload.

QUANTUM comes with a built-in Virtual Training Assistant that never sleeps! It works 24/7/365 to monitor your pilot, instructor and programme performance. It only informs Training Managers of issues that need their intervention so they can focus their valuable time on effecting real, measurable change. A simple yet powerful traffic light colour system gives instant and intuitive oversight across the entire application.

tailored to your exact requirements.

Quantum is the only solution proven to work for all types of pilot training programmes; legacy, ATQP, AQP, mixed-EBT and Baseline EBT. It is also perfect for ATOs managing initial pilot training (CBTA or traditional), or airlines wanting to also manage cabin crew and ground crew. It can manage all qualification expiry dates automatically; reducing the risk of human errors. Take it a step further and integrate it seamlessly to you existing IT systems for fully automated workflows via our API.

industry-leading analysis straight out of the box.

Incredibly powerful insights on programme, instructor and pilot performance come as standard. Developed in partnership with Royal NLR, QUANTUM’s smart data analytics and effective visualisations quickly show you what’s working well and what needs attention. Manage instructor concordance efficiently and effectively for full buy-in of your authority. Want to export the data to other data platforms – no problem!

compatible with all pilot EBT, ATQP, AQP and traditional training programmes.

perfect for cabin crew and ground staff too.

frequently asked questions.


Can I use QUANTUM on any device?


Yes, QUANTUM is built to work on any device. It's responsive architecture means you can maximise your workflows on laptop, desktop, iPad & mobile.


Can I use QUANTUM in areas with no internet connectivity?


Absolutely! Instructors can access all of their upcoming training assignments to conduct full assessment offline which makes it perfect for flights and simulators where internet access is limited. You can even submit your completed sessions while offline and the app will syncronise the data once you go back online again.


Does Quantum support only training & qualification of pilots?


Although QUANTUM was built around the most demanding task of pilot training and qualification management, it also can support cabin crew and ground staff (e.g. dispatch) in parallel through its fully tailorable qualification and grading engine.


Is QUANTUM an Electronic Training Records (ETR) system, a QMS (Qualification Management System) or a TMS (Training Management system)?


The answer is it is all 3... and also a lot more! Built on the best practices of cutting-edge pilot training methodologies, QUANTUM is a new breed of system which does all the jobs of traditional ETR, QMS and TMS systems while also providing many enhanced features that significantly reduce end-user workload. Training Managers save more than 50% of the time needed to run data-driven programmes compared to legacy systems on the market and the estimates in EASA's EBT Regulatory Impact Assessment.


What about when regulations change? How do you keep up and ensure QUANTUM remains compliant?


We have a dedicated in-house team who are amongst the world-leading experts in aviation regulation and the future direction of flight crew training. Our team works to ensure that QUANTUM not only remains compliant, but also leads the way in the emerging best practices across the industry.

still have questions?

Use Before Flight QUANTUM is the perfect choice for your next generation training management solution. But don't take our word for it - book a demo and see for yourself!