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9-dimensional competency development

Build holistic pilot resilience by adding our dynamic embedded competency-based help (CBH) to your app

New pilots: build your Application of Knowledge (KNO)

If you're new to the aircraft, it's fundamental that you can effectively apply your knowledge of systems, the environment & regulations. This is the foundation of a competent and supportive first officer. With CBH you can learn dynamically the core reason behind key actions and procedures which, in turn, adds significant value to the captain in the practical management of threats (and will help you nail your type rating too!)

Experienced pilots: boost your Problem solving & decision-making (PSD)

Preparing for a command course is a highly stressful and pressurised time. CBH will help you to boost your non-technical competencies in order to develop into a rounded and competent captain. Exposure to best-practice communication (COM) strategies, effective methods for excellent workload management (WLM) and, of course, understanding how to lead your crew (LTW) will be the ingredients for success.

Pilot trainers: build your holistic competencies and become a positive role model

Pilot trainers should be the role models that pilots aspire to emulate. With our CBH feature trainers can understand how to best identify learning opportunities and add value in a positive learning environment. Whether it's building pilot Situation Awareness (SAW) or Flight path management (FPA & FPM) our CBH gives trainers a wealth of competency best practices to pass onto the next generation.

All CBH signed off by a CBTA/EBT expert

A standardised understanding of pilot core competencies down to behavioural level is paramount as the industry moves to Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA). Every single snippet of competency-based help is tagged to the EASA Observable Behaviours.

~4,000 competency-based help snippets per aircraft