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Discover how our training app fits perfectly into your #pilotlife. Prepare quicker and better for your simulator… And perhaps even enjoy it this time!?

Instructors and examiners have told us that they can clearly see who is part of the Use Before Flight training community; they arrive for their simulator sessions much better prepared and much more confident.

App store reviews

Awesome App!  

Such an easy, user friendly app that provides the exact steps to follow during abnormal phases of flights. Incredible update from the previous app with really cool new features. This is definitely my 'go to' app for before my simulator check!


Such a brilliant app. Very helpful to anyone at any stage of their career in flying. The new app is greatly improved and very stable. Would highly recommend!

Great for Sim Preparation!  

Very impressive app, it's easy to use and is a fantastic substitute for reading the aircraft manuals. Would highly recommend for use before a sim check.

Even better in many ways  

The new app interface runs a lot better on my iPad. The simulations seem more responsive and, as usual, the wealth of realistic ECAM scenarios are second to none in the world of airbus trainers.

Client Testimonials

"I thought the Use Before Flight app was a really helpful tool during my type rating training, easy to use and an excellent interactive way of going through both the simple and complex failures. Will be using to keep myself current and would certainly recommend!"

Aidan Harbottle - First Officer France

"Thank you for addressing the issue that I had so effectively. I am truly satisfied with the response. Moreover, the personal note from Mr. Ziegler was service beyond excellence! It's no wonder that Use Before Flight continues to be the most important and comprehensive airline flight trainer in the market today. I am definitely indebted to the service provided by your company, which has helped in my airline career immensely."

Adrian Toh - Senior First Officer Singapore

"After 15 years of experience on the Airbus family and as a direct entry captain to a new company, Use Before Flight helped me a lot to consolidate my knowledge, review ECAM drills and quickly adapt to new company procedures. Its interactivity and user friendly interface are great tools to prepare for simulator checks, illustrate failures and prepare mental models in advance. I recommend it to any pilot, regardless whether experienced or not. Thank you for a great app!"

Jaime Marián - Captain Spain

"Very good support. Before my recurrent simulator check I normally review all the ECAM drills, and it is very disappointing to have time to study but not be able to access the information you want. In my case it was perfect, they fixed my problem within minutes."

Alessandro Ruppel Rolim - Captain USA