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Time to look ahead

We leverage the very latest technology practices with forward thinking training expertise. We deliver flight crew airline/ATO training solutions to streamline workflows and reduce simulator time of traditional pilot training whilst objectively improving safety.

We don’t do Learning Management Systems. We do Learning Empowerment Systems.

Interactive training app

Empower and engage your pilots with immersive and diverse training media available anywhere.

Take the pressure off the simulator and your training program with effective approach & malfunction clustering, personalised briefing sessions and interactive CRM elements.

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  • Support your core simulator training with on-demand access-anywhere training to improve competencies away from the sim and improve success rates in the sim.

  • Combine with our Assessment System to create a single powerful training eco-system ensuring a robust training programme, standardised & engaged instructors and happy pilots with excellent competencies.

  • Fully EBT-compatible and ABLE-ready plus device-agnostic (works on any device).

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EBT assessment app

While the industry talks about Evidence-based training, we are actually doing it! We now have two partner airlines now in Mixed EBT under EASA RMT.0599. No matter what type of training you do now, you can quickly and simply implement best-practice EBT whilst forgetting about legacy/ATQP compliance - our app takes care of it for you.

Training manager assessment app


  • Create robust training sessions and grade pilots rapidly with our dynamicGradeTM system.

  • Automatically create 100% compliant forms for your authority.

  • Stunning visualisations for pilot, instructor and programme performance gives you just the information you need to make better decisions.

  • AI Training Assistant notifies you of snapshot and trend issues and recommends actions.

  • Leverage our proven integration experience to seamlessly integrate with your existing training software suite.

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Qualification management system

New training methodologies require a new philosophy for qualification management systems (QMS). Our cutting edge QMS provides a unique platform to ensure you crew remain operational whilst ensuring your airline remains compliant. Powerful machine learning allows you to leverage the latest in AI technologies to significantly reduce the workload required for remedial, tailored and additional training and intelligently streamlines training programmes to avoid costly additional simulator slots.

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  • Powerful visualisations to ensure you know the exact status of all your crew members.

  • Training sessions and qualifications work together to ensure the most streamline training footprint.

  • Drastically lower your workload with our AI Training Assistant to focus you on the most important tasks to add most value to your airline.

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