The Training Empowerment System

The only EASA-approved Baseline EBT software solution

Managing +50,000 pilots across the world in all stages of EBT/CBTA implementation

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Maximise instructor buy-in

By making it super easy to observe and record their findings, rapidly classifying their notes into powerful objective data and providing a platform for next-level facilitation and standardized grading, Quantum’s innovative and intuitive, instructor-centric design promotes strong instructor buy-in, promotion of their core instructor competency set & robust standardization – three key pillars of any effective EBT program.

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Minimise your workload

Too many EBT managers are drowning in data – don’t be one of them! Quantum comes with a built-in virtual Training Assistant that works 24/7 to monitor your pilot, instructor and programme performance. It only informs you of issues that need your attention so you can focus your valuable time on effecting valuable change. A simple yet powerful traffic light colour system gives you instant and intuitive oversight.

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Tailored to your exact requirements

Quantum is the only solution proven to work for all types of pilot training programmes; legacy, ATQP, AQP, mixed-EBT and Baseline EBT. It is also perfect for ATOs managing initial pilot training (CBTA or traditional), or airlines wanting to also manage cabin crew and ground crew. It can manage all qualification expiry dates automatically; reducing the risk of human errors. Take it a step further and integrate it seamlessly to you existing systems for fully automated workflows!

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Industry leading ICAP out-of-the-box

Incredibly powerful insights on programme, instructor and pilot performance come as standard. Developed in partnership with Royal NLR, Quantum’s smart data analytics and effective visualisations quickly show you what’s working well and what needs attention. Manage your instructor concordance efficiently and effectively and make your authority happy! Also want to export the data to other data platforms – no problem.

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Learn from the positive!

We provide a unique & powerful fusion of Safety-2 principles & pilot core competencies, fully contexturalised across dynamic scenarios. This rich data-feed is quick and intuitive to engage with for the instructors and allows you to identify root-cause competency weaknesses and strengths across different simulator scenarios. Effective actions can then be taken to effect positive change at an observable behaviour level for an airline community and to drive individual pilot tailored-training.

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Seamless Offline access on any device

Highest level of data security

Automated compliance built-in


In partnership with

Use Before Flight (UBF) and the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) have an innovative partnership to support you in all the various challenges that EBT brings. By fully aligning key EBT philosophies and practices throughout all our software, courses and advisory support, Royal NLR and UBF make sure you don’t fall between the cracks, and that the industry CBTA best practices are reinforced at all levels. Together, we continuously improve our methods, so that we can support the industry in getting EBT right.

Backed by 100 years of aviation training innovation and the only team with EASA-approved Baseline EBT experience, our group of hand-picked global EBT experts represent the latest knowledge and experience with EBT/CBTA and are here to help you evolve your EBT program at any stage.