UBF client, Iberia world's first EASA-approved Baseline EBT airline

UBF client, Iberia world's first EASA-approved Baseline EBT airline

31 May 2021

Iberia has become the world’s first airline to be officially approved by EASA for commencing Baseline EBT. This follows a highly successful 3-year Mixed-EBT implementation journey and has utilised Use Before Flight’s industry-leading Quantum training management software integrated for performance data capture from day 1.

This now enables Iberia to move to a fully performanced-based, data driven training programme that for the first time puts each individual pilot at the centre; enabling tailored training and empowering them to take ownership of their training and competency development.

Captain Ignacio Gallego, Iberia’s EBT manager said: “It’s been a long journey but we are very proud to be leading the European aviation industry with the move to Baseline EBT. Evidence and Competency-based training gives us for the first time the opportunity to provide high quality and engaging sessions for our pilots; moving away from checking and moving to a much greater emphasis on training, we can maximise learning opportunities for our crew. Use Before Flight’s software and team of experts has been crucial in our success and we thank them for their continued dedication as we move to this new era.

Captain Andy Mitchell, UBF Founder & President adds: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to support Iberia with the most successful airline EBT journey to date. Their engagement of instructors internally and also their transparency with the authority has set a new benchmark for how next generation training programmes will function. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and teamwork between our teams. Above all, there is no doubt this is ushers in a significant enhancement in flight safety, and that is the reason the team at UBF get up every morning!