Our client Iberia; the first to EASA Baseline EBT

Our client Iberia; the first to EASA Baseline EBT

1 May 2021

Congratulations to our launch customer, Iberia AIrlines, who have become the first airline in the world to be approved for EASA Baseline EBT.

On 1st May 2022, Iberia received their approval to enter EASA Baseline EBT from their regulator AESA, Spain. This concluded 3 years of mixed-EBT during which time the UBF QUANTUM app proved itself as a robust, secure and effective platform for data collection and analysis.

From pilot performance trends and snapshots, to programme performance monitoring and instructor concordance insights, QUANTUM reduced the workload across all stakeholders well below the estimated totals expected from EASA in the EBT Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). In fact, EBT Manager time was more than halved compared to the initial estimates by using our built in Virtual Training Assistant.

Congratulations to Iberia and the world's first Baseline EBT Manager, Captain Ignacio Gallego - it's been a pleasure collaborating with you and we look forward to supporting you through many successful years ahead of your Baseline EBT programme.

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