Use before flight

Use Before Flight is the global leader in Evidence and competency-based training (EBT) solutions and the technology powerhouse behind Aviation Blended Learning Environments (ABLE) for commercial pilot training.

We collaborate closely with the top thought-leaders from around the world, combining the best of the tech industry with the best of the aviation industry to make pilot training future-proof, safer and more cost efficient for airlines, ATOs and pilots.

About us team

Built on a solid foundation of industry expertise

We have over a decade of experience delivering blended learning solutions to over 12,000 pilots from around the world. Our solutions come straight from the rule-making core of EASA. Whether you’re interested in EBT, ABLE or personal development, our award-winning pilot training eco-system is performance enhancing across the board.

the team

Our team brings the best of the tech and airline industries together. We’re a global team of highly-specialised and experienced software developers, aviation thought-leaders and digital content professionals sharing a passion for aviation, innovation and safety.

Andy mitchell

Andy Mitchell

CEO and Founder

The journey of Use Before Flight began over 10 years ago when Andy was completing his very own Airbus type rating.

"We were sitting in a full-motion simulator that cost hundreds of pounds per hour, with the external graphics, motion and sound switched off talking about a small radio panel. I thought, there must be a better way for pilots to learn with less pressure in a lower cost environment and allow the airlines and training providers to use precious simulator time more efficiently”

Today, Andy is a senior training captain with over 10,000 hours on the Airbus A320 family aircraft. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and advisor to EASA's Evidence Based Training Rule Making Task (RMT.0599). Andy is a core member behind the creation of the EASA Aviation Blended Learning Environments (ABLE) concept paper and is a recognised industry innovator and thought-leader. Andy has been invited to talk all over the world on technology in EBT & ABLE, from Moscow to Montreal, and London to New Delhi.

Romain ziegler

Romain Ziegler

Customer Operations Manager

As a pilot on the Airbus A320 series himself and along with his knowledge and previous involvement in customer experience as well as his insight in the aviation industry, Romain’s entrepreneurial focus is shaping the future of our client collaborations, interactions and technology.

"The abilities of pilots are usually assessed in the simulator every six months and with an increasing 1700+ commercial aircraft deliveries per year, the number of pilots in training is evidently growing significantly. I believe UBF is a contributing factor to maintaining a high level of training quality within this high global demand of pilots we face today and assisting each customer individually in developing their competencies. The bigger our community gets, the better and stronger our product becomes, as we are constantly reviewing and expanding our services by building more engaging content according to customer feedback and industry updates."

Laura burke

Laura Burke

Brand & PR Manager

Laura is an experienced aviation brand director, with a background in airline training and ab-initio pilot training.

With a passion for brand architecture and building strong communities, Laura brings over 10-years of experience in content creation, marketing, communications and aviation project management to Use Before Flight.