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  • WTF is EBT?

    WTF is EBT?

    Most people have heard of EBT, a lot know they should migrate to it, but perhaps a small minority know how and why! This blog will give you a brief introduction to the world of Evidence-based training and why it’s something we should all be talking about.

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  • Why choose us as your technology partner

    Why choose us as your technology partner

    As an airline looking for a software partner it can be daunting to say the least. Trying to find a software provider that understands your industry and requirements at the same time as providing the best software solutions is rare. We are specialist in aviation - it’s the one industry we focus all our efforts on, we are also the only software partner that can offer the full range of EBT solutions in full compliance with the official EASA best-practice technology guidelines in the Alternative Training Means concept paper.

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  • CRM is dead, long live EBT

    CRM is dead, long live EBT

    Crew Resource Management (CRM) training emerged as a result of the recognition of the importance of ‘human factors’ in flight safety. So how does the implementation of EBT affect the future of CRM?

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  • EBT & Data Protection

    EBT & Data Protection

    With the move to EBT comes a dependancy on data and also a responsibility to care properly for that data. Data protection rules differ in each country which can make it difficult for an airline that potentially has bases or training facilities in different parts of the world to ensure they are compliant with all applicable data protection rules.

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