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Can you show me around the new website?

Of course; we'd be delighted to! If your new or a returning user, here's a guided tour of the features of the new Use Before Flight website.

Author: Team UBF
Date: 22/11/2015



When you arrive at the new Use Before Flight site (, just click on the LOGIN button you’ll find in the top right corner of the page. This will bring up a login panel. 

If you’ve had an account previously with us, your login details will work the same as before but if you have forgotten your password, no problem, just click on the forgot? link and we’ll reset it for you.


content-safety-sectionHomepage layout

As pilots, we’re interested in 3 aspects of our profession; Operations, Training & Safety. At Use Before Flight, we have set up our site to reflect these important aspects. As you enter the site you’ll firstly see a summary section containing our latest, trending content. As you scroll down you can focus in on the area that interests you:

  • Operations; focusses on Airports, Global Threat Bulletins and News.
  • Training; focusses on Interactive Drills, asking questions and social learning.
  • Safety; access to accident reports, safety publications and aviation documents.



Finding the content you want

We have a number of effective ways for you to find the content you are looking for:

  • We offer all the latest & trending content for each section on the homepage. This is a nice way to dive in and get started with something that takes your interest.
  • To find something specific, click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner and type in what you’re looking for. We’ll offer some suggestions instantly below, but press Return and you’ll be shown all we have to offer on the subject.
  • Each section has 3 buttons to help you find the type of content you want. For example, in the Training section you’ll find PRACTICE (all interactive drills), ASK (ask a question) and LEARN (all training related content and Q&A).
  • Once you’re through to the search results page, you can filter the content by pressing on the REFINE button. This will let you select the categories and aircraft you are interested in.
  • You can also press the SORT button to change the order of the results into alphabetical, date or rating order. If you’re having trouble deciding or want us to spring something on you, just click the SURPRISE ME button (this replaces the Random Event Generator in the old site).
  • You’ll notice that all content tiles have a small heart in the top left corner. If you really like a bit of content, click on this heart and it will be saved to your Favourites which you can then access on the Homepage via the FAVOURITES button.

content-free-search-tool1 content-refine-options1 content-3-buttons content-surprise-me



Our Content Pages

Once you’ve selected the content you want to view, you’ll be taken to the content page. Each and every piece of content on our site is displayed in the same unique way to ensure consistency, ease-of-use and a gorgeous layout.

The content pages are made up of the following sections which can be opened and closed with the +/x on the right hand side of each section:

  • Introduction – includes the basic content information plus a button to open the content where applicable (drills, documents, photos & videos).
  • Synopsis section to give more details about the content
  • Notes – these are where you can add private notes to the content.
  • Community – where you can have discussions with other pilot in our community and share your experiences and views. You can also add references and images to bring your posts to life.
  • Related Content – this is where we cross-link the content to all the other content on our site to make navigation around a particular subject as easy as pie.
  • Specific content related sections – some content, such as drills has specific sections relevant only to them.




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